01. She hopes to [fulfill] her dreams of becoming an actress one day.
02. They couldn't [fulfill] all the conditions by the due date, so the deal fell through.
03. She gets a feeling of [fulfillment] from doing volunteer work.
04. He [fulfilled] his dream of becoming a doctor, but then found the job too stressful.
05. Studying at Harvard has [fulfilled] one of my dreams.
06. I [fulfilled] my promise to treat him to dinner.
07. She finds her job working with mentally-handicapped children very [fulfilling], and would never consider doing any other kind of work.
08. Karen found her marriage to Richard quite [unfulfilling], and decided to get a divorce.
09. Tom Bradley once observed that the only thing that will stop you from [fulfilling] your dreams is you.
10. Television has never truly [fulfilled] its potential as a tool for learning.
11. Hilaire Belloc once said that we wander for distraction, but we travel for [fulfillment].
12. An Arab proverb notes that a promise is a cloud; [fulfillment] is the rain.
13. The promise of wealth from Azerbaijan's undeveloped petroleum resources remains largely [unfulfilled] due to widespread corruption in the country.
14. Vincent Van Gogh's inability to form [fulfilling] personal relationships manifested itself in the feelings of isolation illustrated by his paintings.
15. Bruce Springsteen sang, "An [unfulfilled] life makes a hard man."
16. In order to truly [fulfill] their potential, children need to be protected and nurtured.
17. In the fifteenth century, personal [fulfillment] through learning, public service and accomplishment motivated the individual lives and social contacts of the people of Europe.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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